2019 Season

U-Pick options for 2019 season


Closed for the season


We are selling Picking Sessions.

Each session will be 45 minutes and cost $120.00 for 6 people.
They will be available Wednesday thru Saturday from 9am to 5pm
Persons wanting to purchase a session will email applesonoak@aol.com with their contact information.
We will call back with times available.
Sessions will only be scheduled a week in advance.
Sessions will be prepaid to reserve the slot.

Sessions will include:
a. Allows 8 people 3 and older. Any extra persons, to a max of 4, will be charged $20.00 per person.
b. Each person gets a half peck bag to put their picked apples in.
c. A personal guide to take them out to the orchard to show them where to pick and answer any questions.
d. Each session will start on the hour and last 45 minutes.

Remember we did not spray any insecticides, fungicides, miticides or herbicides this year! Our apples are not perfect, but they are chemical free! Please do not email us if you are not comfortable with imperfect apples

The U-Pick is closed in August 2019. We will post what is in store for September.

Farmers Market  Apples On Oak now selling apples at the Painfield Farmers Market.15025 S. Illinois Street, Plainfield.  In the parking lot of the Plainfield Library.  Sundays, every week from 12:00 to 4:00 pm.  Many exciting vendors, great food, fruits and veggies.  Come Rain or Shine, we will be there.  Plainfield is a great little town to explore. 


Check out what new, fun offerings Apples on Oak has this year!

Apples on Oak is taking a new direction and we’re really excited.

  1. We ARE foliar spraying fish oil, seaweed extract and minerals to our trees to increase the nutrient density of our fruit.
  2. We ARE trying to increase the biology in our soil by applying biological teas, fish oil, seaweed extract and minerals to the soil.
  3. We ARE selling our fruit at Farmer’s Markets. Postings of our locations will be up to date on our blog!
  1. This year we are not opening the orchard for U-Pick in August.
  2. As always, we are not spraying any sort of harmful chemicals on our fruit. “No Cides” No insecticides (ie Neonicotinoids or Organophosphates) No fungicides (ie Captan or Sulfur) No herbicides (ie Glyphosate or Roundup) No miticides.
  3. We are neither offering group outings nor photo shoots.
  4. We are NOT ORGANIC

Despite our updates, our goal will always be to provide unique apples that range from the newest on the market to antique apples, all of which are bursting with flavor, crisp and juicy.

About Us

Apples on Oak is a family-owned and operated orchard. It all started when Larry (co-founder) began grafting trees around 1976 as a hobby that went wild. This orchard has been open to the public in Homer Township, Illinois (southwest of Chicago) for over 20 years. There are 4 acres of trees comprised of 80 plus different apple varieties. There are over 20 apple varieties that are in large quantities, with our specialty varieties being limited. As you might expect, many of our apple varieties you will not find at your local grocery store. Give them a try and we are sure you will find one that will become you favorite.

Mary and Larry Peceniak, Co-Founders of Apples on Oak


Q:    Why are the trunks of the trees painted white?
A:    The white paint reflects solar heat in the winter to prevent the bark from splitting.  
Q:    How do you know when the apples are ripe?
A:    Lift an apple gently with a twist and the apple will fall off in your hand.  When cut open the seeds are brown.

Q:    Are the trees in this orchard raised from seed?
A:    These trees have not been raised from seeds.  They are cloned (grafted) from the original apple tree, which was raised from seed.  Some of these varieties are 100 years old, while others are just a few years old.

Q:    How do you get different apples on one tree?
A:    The apples are grafted (cloned) on particular branches when the tree is young.

Our summer apples are sweet and juicy

Find yourself wishing the apple season was longer?  Start picking earlier next year!  We open the last weekend in July, picking Williams Pride, a variety to please everyone with it’s mild flavor, and it’s great for the summer months, as it’s juicy and refreshing.

Private: Varieties & Picking Times


Contact Larry Peceniak at applesonoak@aol.com for any questions you may have.